Happiness…what is it?

Happiness comes at a cost. True or False? Happiness – it’s what everyone seeks from anything and everything they are going through in life. But can we find it in people? In material things? In success? Not really, no. If we go after happiness, it will always run away from us – because it cannot… Continue reading Happiness…what is it?

One Thing To Do This Quarantine

One thing to do this quarantine to keep yourself sane and alive is stay active. It’s probably easier said than done, but the benefits of being active, are not just on the body; staying active has a bigger impact on the mind.  Every day is a struggle for most of us, the same old routine, in the… Continue reading One Thing To Do This Quarantine

Why I write

What is writing? There’s no common answer to that. It’s different for every single person doing it. Writing is a medium to convey one’s thoughts and feelings in such a way that might only be true to them. There are many forms of writing. You could be writing raw reality or fancy fairy tales –… Continue reading Why I write

Are We Being True To Ourselves?

We are living in an age where quality of the written word holds little or no value as compared to a fun and witty meme. No one really cares about a good piece of thought provoking or intense writing. People are more in tune with memes and entertainment. They want more of the light, fun… Continue reading Are We Being True To Ourselves?

Writing is freedom


After having the desire to write for the longest time, I have decided to start this blog. I was always scared of not being perfect, of not being liked for my writing. But I have realised that imperfections are beautiful, and writing is about perception. If someone has a similar mind-set or thought process, they will definitely connect with what I have to say. For others, I will always be the girl who thinks she can write. I am happy being either, as long as I can voice my opinions and feel the freedom which comes with it.

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